Selena The Silly Serpent

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Hello my name is Selena! FACE TRACKING AVATAR / aimed for Furality Umbra!

I'm ready to meet you guys, I've been waiting a while for my creator to bring me back on the stage!

Please use a shapekey/blendshape optimizer plug in for faster game times.

Selena features; (quest soon)

- Cayennine Pro +

- all bodytype toggles need to be used without clothing.

- 4 different Horn types and ear types and tail types

- Wing menu

- Each Toebean moves and is cute owo, compresses on floor

- Facial tracking V2 PERFECTED.

- Interactive Puppycat Friend by Pupchi (link below in credits)

- Interactive birdie friend

- Facial tracking standard .unitypackage ready to go, use poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.2.001

- So many new butt shapes and skinny keys, not used with clothes plz, you need to sculpt shapekeys if you want to do this

- Male chest and Male eyelash activation toggles

- 100+ facial tracking keys

- Quest Variant

- Awesome hue shifts

- So many more features like squishy body, thighs, tummy, cheeks, booty, booba

- So many more features packed in here; discover them yourself and have fun!

Additonal fbx features:

- Skinny Blendshapes, and thicc, ofc and so many more blendshapes, check em out if you want-> clothes need adj. by you for this

- Tummy buldges, neck buldges, and big tummy blendshapes -> clothes need adj.

- Smaller butt, booba, and thighs blendshapes -> clothes need adj

Tos below VV

WARRANTY INFO; all models have this warranty; if you have an issue please visit discord to recieve assistance with the model.

Use substance fbx, or use substance project provided if you need or want to texture, modify, etc.

(There is a GOOD reason why)

Built on Cayennine Pro+

License Info

Streaming, Vtube, etc, is allowed on standard version. Commercial license is for model sales, heavy edits, and more in this genre. Ask for details on discord if you have questions!

Commercial TOS here


Help hotline in server #general-help I also offer client services for the base. 10AM-9PM EST-5


Main Outfit by Vinzukha | Puppycat model by my friendo Pupchi | Bodysuit by Ivy | Icons by smoluni | Angelic outfit by Rinebean

Everything else created by ME.


  • ASSORTMENT OF CLOTHES READY TO GO; IN DISCORD/ don't forget to request me for more!

Unity Requirements

  • Poiyomi 8.1 ONLY
  • Unity 2019.4.31f1 or Unity 2xxx.x.xxxx (Not sure on latest version yet)
  • SDK3 required
  • Some unity Knowledge Required. Guides provided.
  • Use blendshapes for your desired body type

Terms of use

  • Terms will be adjusted with time.
  • Do not blame me for lack of knowledge situations, and then ratebomb my post for lack of knowledge situations. This will result in suspension and termination of license. If you do not know something, please ask for help in server we are happy to help and we are at your service. 1 warning per offense. This is why my models are premium.
  • DO NOT lie about your username, I will find out and report to Gumroad for misinformation.
  • For commissions, client needs to buy commercial license, artist does not; but they need to purchase for further use outside of that commission. I will find out if they try to get away with this.
  • Base edits of your own variation are indeed allowed to redistribute with commercial license. It needs to have significant edits made by you.
  • Commercial license requires you to actually use it, not just buy it and let it sit. $35 minimum for listings.
  • There are no restrictions on the use of R-18G and R-18, but Milana's Creations will not be held responsible for any problems caused by their use.
  • Milana's Creations is not responsible for mechanical or financial issues caused by the use of this asset.
  • Using my base or any of my models are allowed for streaming and social media content creation.
  • This package is meant for you to modify and use the blend-shapes provided, purchase at this discretion and use the model!!!
  • DO NOT redistribute package without Commercial license, and even if you have commercial license, model needs to be edited for sales. Do NOT sell models on commercial license below $42 dollars.
  • DO NOT post as a public without commercial license.
  • DO NOT purchase this if you do not have unity knowledge. By purchasing and using this base, you agree to these terms.
  • DO NOT place stolen assets or use this base for any hateful purposes.
  • DO NOT place other base's heads on my base's body without permission. | My head must be used, edited, etc|
    You are more than welcome to use a different body with credits for my head. Pm me if you plan on selling a kitbash, im happy to talk ^^
  • DO NOT have this model as a public avatar unless you have commercial license.
  • This is not for children, this is a 3d model for adults.

CREDITS continued

- Zoidberg656 original mesh was remade, retopoligized by me throughout a process of 3 years with permission. (yes I still want to credit you haha, even though you said I don't have to, since we've spoken :)) this was harder than a from scratch base, and im happy I held onto the base for this long and not given up!

If you want my full from scratch work please use any base that says "LANACAN".


  • NOSE TYPES (cayennine pro only lol)
  • FACIAL STRUCTURE CHANGES (be wary of being too heavy)

Please enjoy creating on this base, I can't wait to see what you make.

I want this!


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Selena The Silly Serpent

6 ratings
I want this!